Pitched Roof

Cascade Roofing Beaverton understands that a leaking roof is not something to ignore.  Whether you need roofing materials or services for your home or office, our Beaverton Roofing employees are always happy and ready to serve you. Our company offers a number of pitched roof options and can guarantee a solution suited to your needs.

Pitched Roofs in Beaverton

Removal of the existing roof system is always done during each roofing job by us. Even though a second or third layer can sometimes be added legally, Cascade Roofing Beaverton understands that each additional layer reduces the life of the new roof and often existing problems are not addressed, but rather covered up. There is nothing worse than a newly installed leaking roof. Our highly skilled employees will remove the old layers of roofing and inspect the wood structure beneath for dry rot or failure. If the structure needs to undergo decking repairs or dry rot replacement, our experienced staff will utilize high quality materials installed by a company carpenter. Cascade Roofing Beaverton also specializes in many different qualities and styles of  fiberglass, asphalt composition shingles. Clients who want a more dramatic look to their roof can install our luxury architectural shingles. Our company also offers gutters and venting installation, as well as skylight and Solar Tubes installation services in conjunction with a roof application.

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