Commercial Roofing

At Cascade Roofing Beaverton, our Beaverton Commercial Roofing team consistently installs long lasting and serviceable roof solutions. We have factory trained installers that are skilled in the most durable and energy efficient roofing methods. Our reputation for outstanding customer service and product reliability, along with a growing list of commercial clients, demonstrates that we are continually meeting the toughest of challenges.

PVC single ply membranes are the newest and one of the most dependable roofing products being installed today. With several different types and qualities available, they can regularly provide 20 plus years of service when installed by a professional roofing company like Beaverton Roofing.  Don’t forget that the toughness and longevity of Granulated Torchdown Systems makes them a popular and dependable choice proven over performance time.

The Northwest presents many challenges for flat roofs and long lasting roof solutions. Because our staff is factory trained, the craftsmen who assemble your roof system are prepared and equipped to provide outstanding workmanship.