Flat Roof

Flat RoofAnyone whose home or business is protected by a flat or low-pitched roof knows that the one thing you should not disregard is a leaking roof. What may appear as just a small leak can turn into a much bigger issue, causing damage to your roof structure even without much visible interior damage. Cascade Roofing Beaverton offers flat roof services for both residential and commercial clients. Our Beaverton Roofers install durable roofing membranes which can be heat reflective for cooling your home or office’s roof surface. PVC and Torchdown are tough roofing membranes that we specialize in when it comes to flat roof systems.

Single ply membranes have become the most popular flat roofing products for both commercial and residential clients.  These products are often welded together to form a one piece membrane, producing an almost seamless roof system. The single ply flat roof system require specialized tools and skills to install, and our expert commercial roofing employees have both.  Cascade Roofing Beaverton offers easy to maintain membranes that can last up to 20 years or more.

Whether you need assistance on your home’s flat roof or a more complex commercial roof installation, you can depend on us. Our roofers are factory trained and certified by some of the largest manufactures of flat and low-pitched roofing in the United States.