Beaverton Roof CarpentryAt Cascade Roofing Beaverton, we understand that successful roofing always starts with good preparation. In our case, it means making sure that the new roof will be fastened to decking and structure that is sound and rot free. Our employees will examine the area thoroughly, replacing damaged plywood, barge boards, fascia boards, and rafter tails, making suggestions regarding any possible improvements.

The success of your roofing project starts long before the first roofing materials are installed. Our well trained and skilled employees have been with us for many years, but our carpenters have been with us even longer, which is why our Beaverton Roofing clients can be assured of skilled workmanship. In addition to roofing excellence, experience and expertise in rot repair, we pride ourselves in providing great customer service. Feel free to take the day off and spend it with us.